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The Mentium Monitoring and Control System is the heart of the Mentium Product Family and is a 4th generation system designed with you in mind.  Its purpose is to help keep your process under control, minimize scrap, increase your machine capacity, and reduce production costs.

The Mentium Product Family Includes the following components:



Phone: (269) 876-0729
Need to replace an existing or outdated process monitoring and control system?

The Mentium product family offers a you with a great low cost option for replacing or updating your exiting monitoring and control systems:

Direct replacements are available to replace your old Nicollet PM Series, Process Vision, and Prince ProManager systems.  The Mentium System is also a fantastic choice for replacing your current ProLink. ShotScope, Tymac and Visi-trak systems.

So don't settle for less, get the right choice!  See what a Mentium System can do for you!

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Phone: (269) 876-0729