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The Mentium PLC Interface is probably one of the most beneficial add-ons .  It allows you to monitor and control machine functions using the Mentium system.  

Have you ever had your process running well and then someone makes a simple change, only to find out later that the parts are bad and the machine is not running to the process?  By using this interface, you can eliminate many of the manual switches, dial settings, thumb wheels, etc.   So, lock down your process and keep operators from changing these settings.   All of your timer settings, speeds, speed trigger positions, pressures, cores on/off, temperature settings, and anything you can think of, can be set using this interface.  256 set points are available for you to use.  This will help you control your process thus saving your time, reduce downtime and minimize scrap. 

Have you ever tried to cycle your machine and it just wonít cycle, so you have to call maintenance over to hookup the PLC programmers panel to find out why?  If so, then the Mentium PLC Interface can solve this problem for you.  You can define up to 256 PLC faults that the system can retrieve from the PLC to find out whatís happening on a second by second basis.  Faults can be critical or non-critical faults.  Critical faults, typically those that keep the machine from cycling, will automatically be displayed for the operator.  Donít waste your operators time, just think of the downtime that can be saved. 

Are you concerned about cycle time?  The Mentium PLC interface can read from the PLC up to 8-timers that can be used to define your total cycle time.  Examples are: spray time, die close time, ladle time, shot time, dwell time, die open time, etc.  The Mentium system will treat each of these values as process variables that can warn you if any of these timers are out of an allowable range.  Letting the Mentium system automatically notify you of these instances will help you maintain a consistent overall cycle time and also let you know if there are potential machine problems.  Over a year, reducing your cycle time by 2-seconds every minute can save you 292 production hours and the related cost.

You can also define up to 64-PLC variables calculated by the PLC, that can be retrieved from the PLC.  These variables can then be used as process variables to segregate parts as to good/bad, and monitor the machine/operator for safety reasons.

Some more PLC interface features are tie bar monitoring, temperature monitoring and control, PLC register scanning, and part/shot number/date part etching.

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