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The Mentium Monitoring and Control system is the heart of the Mentium Product Family and is a 4th generation system designed with you in mind.  Its purpose is to help keep your process under control, minimize scrap, increase your machine capacity, and reduce production costs.

The hardware design is simple and uses all off-the-shelf components minimizing your dependency on Bisnet to supply parts.  Ever need a part in a hurry?  Most of the components are available to you from your local electronics store.   

Knowing that the die casting environment is not the cleanest, we designed the system to utilize a touch screen for the primary user interface.  Although supplied with the system, no keyboard or mouse is required to use the system.  Keeping these components sealed, minimizes downtime and reduces system maintenance.

The Mentium system is not just a typical shot end monitoring and control system,  it also provides you with the ability to monitor and control many other process and machine functions as well.  Have you ever wanted to know why your cycle time keeps changing or why your machine won’t cycle?  Have you ever wanted to be able to automatically segregate the good and bad parts?  Once you have the machine producing good parts, have you ever wanted to lockdown your process to keep operators from making changes that can produce scrap.  Have you ever wanted to know who, what and when a setting was changed and what the setting was before the change?  Have you ever had a need to view setup drawings, quality procedures, setup instructions, maintenance manuals, training video, etc. at the machine?  The Mentium system can do all this for you and more, lots more….

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