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Welcome to Bisnet, LLC

Bisnet, formally LDG Software Solutions, is a leader in the development and delivery of low cost innovative products and custom solutions offering the fastest, most cost-effective integration solutions to the Die Casting and Tool & Die industries since 1992.  With our customers as our primary focus, we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible solutions, solving their process and production problems.  The products offered by Bisnet continue to evolve and are the culmination of ideas and technologies identified when working closely with our customers assisting them in solving their process and production problems.

The Mentium Product Family is a group of products for Die Casting industry that offer process monitoring and control; shot end monitoring and control; machine control through a PLC interface; tie bar monitoring, temperature monitoring and control; squeeze pin monitoring; die maintenance and tracking, visual management systems; and remote monitoring systems. The following is a list of Mentium products:

The "Die Casting Process Planner" (DCPP) was developed to improve the die casting process by providing a tool which will help link die design, machine capability, and process control.  DCPP not only provides you with the ability to define the die casting process, but also provides you with an understanding of the cause and effect of changing process variables such as gate area, plunger speed, fill time, flow rates, system pressure, plunger diameter, etc.  DCPP will assist you when working with those PQ2 concepts by eliminating the direct use and knowledge of the formulas used , and best of all it's FREE!

In need of a custom application?
 Bisnet is a leader in the development and delivery of low cost innovative products and solutions providing the fastest, most cost-effective integration solutions, specifically designed to work with today's systems, networks, and technologies.  Make Bisnet your choice for obtaining current production and process information assisting you with those time critical business decisions.  Contact us for the integration and connectivity of your industrial equipment with your business and manufacturing applications.    

"Solutions for the future, today"
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Need to replace an existing or outdated process monitoring and control system?

The Mentium product family offers a you with a great low cost option for replacing or updating your exiting monitoring and control systems:

Direct replacements are available to replace your old Nicollet PM Series, Process Vision, and Prince ProManager systems.  The Mentium System is also a fantastic choice for replacing your current ProLink. ShotScope, Tymac and Visi-trak systems.

So don't settle for less, get the right choice!  See what a Mentium System can do for you!

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