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If you use squeeze pins, then you probably from time to time have experienced sticking pins.  This means you are probably producing scrap. 

The Mentium system can monitor up to 8-squeeze pins in 4-cavities.  We can capture the velocity and position displacement of each pin, as well as the pressure supplied to each pin. 

The data collected allows us to obtain the peak velocity, total displacement and maximum pressure of each pin.  Those values then become process variables that can be used to segregate parts.  If you have a multi-cavity die then we can instruct the robot to only segregate the cavity/cavities where a squeeze pin variable exceeded the alarm condition.  Therefore, if itís a 4-cavity die and only one cavity was affected then the robot would accept the other 3-cavites as good parts and only segregate the bad one rather than all 4-parts.  This feature, allows for the reduction of  scrap and provides you with the option of fixing the pin right away, or to continue running the machine and produce 3 good parts every shot, at a 75% yield.



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