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DCPP was developed to improve the die casting process by providing a tool which will help link die design with machine capability.  DCPP not only provides you with the ability to define the die casting process, but also provides you with an understanding of the cause and effect of changing process variables such as gate area, plunger speed, fill time, flow rates, system pressure, plunger diameter, etc.

DCPP is easy to use and will help you define the best process for your die casting needs.  Through information that you supply, DCPP will determine if the process is feasible and within the limits of your machine and die configuration.  DCPP will also determine what the velocity profile should be, based on both supplied and calculated information about the current machine and die configuration.  Recommended slow and fast shot velocities are calculated, as well as, the starting positions for each.

The process documentation feature of DCPP alone is a valuable tool.  It can be used to document all of your setups.  When using this documentation as a guideline for future setups, setups will be identical and require less time.  This will minimize your costs by reducing the amount of setup time and related scrap.

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